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Song about the big match coming up this on Sunday 28th April at the STADIUM OF LIGHT, like all the fans I will be singing my heart out, cheers TMFS

Connor Wickham" Now’s Your Time To Shine" By TMFS

I wrote this song because I was over the moon with Connors performance against Man City, it’s great to see a young player becoming a new name to watch out for in football and just loved the two great goals he scored, this song is just to say thanks Connor Wickham cheers Dave TMFS


My song is about the city I was born and breed in, the city I love till the I die, forever a proud Mackem that’s me says it all. TMFS

Elvis Stand Bye Me Elvis Cover TMFS

Elvis gospel song dedicated to my lovely mam, Mary Ciarella Murray, it’s neally 1 year she since she passed away, I miss so much. Dave TMFS

Danny Graham song, Tha’ts Put The Feaking Ball In The Back of the Net Son

Danny Graham Song, Dont worry SAFC fans and Danny son if you listen to my song about you, it’s a bit tongue and cheek, I will defo write you a real good song about you whan you start scoring mate, my song is only to get you cracking in front of goal, pass it on if any one knows Danny mailing details, cheers TMFS