Watch Spurs players struggle to name all 20 Premier League teams http://t.co/CtgbFHHPBy

Exclusive with Alfie Conn, back at the Lane for the first time in 37 years on Saturday… http://t.co/I8LOe32vxc http://t.co/kdhkNi6rgT

Gareth Bale, has flu, giving men a bad name by turning up for work. You’re meant to be on your death bed, where’s your dignity son?

@JadeHotspur Tony Soprano looks like Martin Jol, so you failed there.

@shinkwin23 made par but scu■ tee shot 😂 then chipped on to about 4 inches ha 👌

@jnew9223 Italians don’t leave Serie A for the PL much. It’s not like we have a huge sample size here.

@shinkwin23 played alright tbf! My short game is horrific though 😩
What’s everyone’s predictions for real-bayern tonight?? Fancy a good few goals in this one

Store to make return after being torched in riots: Nearly three years after it was torn apart by an inferno du… http://t.co/GSW8aUQ12i

Danish journalists reveal to Spurs TV how @ChrisEriksen8 is appreciated back in Denmark: http://t.co/RsuxJq5Kmz http://t.co/wyWMfxcvw2

RISK FREE £25 BET – BALE to score 1st. If he does get a massive £187.5. If not get your £25 back. Claim: http://t.co/bS8Vw6a279

Spurs chase Davide Astori to reinforce defence http://t.co/CqESIEJ2fX

Committed to your sport? Join @UnderArmourUK athletes Daws and @Friedel_B to prove yourself #IWILL #MatchDayEveryDay http://t.co/rA9HqH6BFT

@BainsXIII On second thoughts yeah, you shouldn’t.

@DannyT78 @MartinCloake @AintNoSanAn Yeah I’d agree with that too.

@TheloniousFilth It’s new, very nice. Enjoy!

@TheloniousFilth You in Shoreditch, Camden or Shep Bush?

@MartinCloake @AintNoSanAn …results, utilising young players, & showing ability to turn a game. Despite not having own players/pre-season.

Projecting the Races: EPL Title, Relegation and Top 4 Odds http://t.co/ifIXx5HEVK

@MartinCloake @AintNoSanAn I’m somewhere in the middle – he’s annoying me off-pitch, not preparing us well, but yet is getting…

Well done to @NeilCasson – winner of our March GOTM prize – here’s Gylfi with the signed canvas of his goal! #COYS http://t.co/DccXs5vswf

@TheloniousFilth BREW DOG OBVS (and I am a big real ale advocate).

@AintNoSanAn P.S. Are you the Adam that often comments on my blog? If so, I always like your measured responses.

Even if you don’t agree with @AintNoSanAn that ‘Tim Sherwood should be our manager next season’ http://t.co/DVjr3nOfDb, this is interesting.

@AintNoSanAn Really fascinating article, enjoyed that.

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Tickets are available in advance for Sunday’s Barclays U21 Premier League match vs Reading at Stevenage FC: http://t.co/sQtXPz2NA1