Crap Friday

@MarkReeves999 The goals Arsenal scored in the 2012 Markus Liebherr Cup, so I don’t give them much attention! #saintsfc

That @DejanLovren05 clip is now the third most-viewed video ever to go on our YouTube channel – http://t.co/2CVhYiFjdT #saintsfc

A madrid go 1 up. Yet another goal that could have been avoided by having men on posts at corners #oldschool

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: #SaintsFC duo Adam Lallana and @LukeShaw3 discuss their respective #PFAawards nominations – http://t.co/toGBsI5xVZ

@Cooper757 hasnt arrived yet mate

@PignMixSweetCo bit far away but thanks for asking. Good luck

Shaw: “This is a massive confidence boost for me. Hopefully I take that into the game tomorrow and show people why I got picked.” #saintsfc

Shaw: “For me to be picked and for Ads (Adam Lallana) to be up for Player of the Year is brilliant.” #saintsfc #pfaawards

Shaw: “What makes it a big honour is that world-class players have been picking the nominees.” #saintsfc #pfaawards

@ferrets212212: @mattletiss7 how long that take u mate??”25 mins

Shaw: “I’m very privileged to be alongside the players that have been chosen.” #saintsfc #pfaawards

Gentle 3 mile run tonight, now settling down to watch some sport. A madrid, derby or pga tour golf? Decisions decisions

.@LukeShaw3 says his #PFAawards nomination was so unexpected that he only found out when he read it on @Twitter! http://t.co/D8Rs8u2TkW

@SamSmith68: @mattletiss7 just ran past my house! Still got his blistering pace… #saintsfc”U never lose it 😀😀

@_JackL_ Yes I suppose it is, but Holt is a serial offender…

It was @neilshipperley‘s music choices by the way… #saintsfc
Feels so much like a Saturday #headsalloverthegaff
@mfcstu: @Rchap04 They can leave the champers till Monday though. We still need Derby to win aswell.”Correct 👍

@skysports_bryan @SkySportsNews @LukeShaw3 It should have been the club’s press officers letting them know, really… #goodfriday

@SeanGL_SFC_5 Spot on! First correct!

Picture Quiz. Name the game and the two players… #saintsfc http://t.co/ktTx3sLzN9

Lallana: “Just being on the shortlists is a huge honour for me and Luke. Both of us coming through the youth team ranks is an extra bonus.”

Lallana: “This shows how fast we’ve adjusted to life in the @premierleague. It’s something we should be really proud of.” #saintsfc

Lallana: “It’s a huge credit not just to myself and @LukeShaw3 but everyone involved with the Club.” #saintsfc

Two young Geordies hoping to make the grade…. #saintsfc @TommyWidd http://t.co/3cB7Wwzqs5

Lallana: “It’s a reward not just for myself but for my teammates and the manager for the hard work we’ve put in this season.” #saintsfc

Adam Lallana on his #PFAawards nomination: “It’s a massive honour. I’m humbled to be on the shortlist with world-class players.” #saintsfc