Ranked by @FourFourTwo as THE Number #1 Game in Premier League History: The #ManchesterCity-#QPR Season Finale! http://t.co/75QpFem5Vx #MCFC

#Luton Town return to the Football League!

So proud of my city, the people and my sport. Hopefully justice will be delivered shortly. #JFT96 x http://t.co/cHFuipeQYv

I’m going to leave it there for today. I could RT and highlight a number of scumbags but I personally wouldn’t give them the satisfaction.

So many idiots on here masquerading as genuine football fans. No real football fan would say what some have said about the 96.

…now if you even question me on this you will be wrong. So if you’re a fool knock yourself by stupidly responding to this tweet.

Keepers have become better players but the fact they train separately to us all week is the fact we have completely different jobs…

@rustyrockets no amount of money could ever begin to cover the cost of the lies they peddled 25 years ago. #JFT96

@rustyrockets whilst its a lovely gesture mate. The people of Liverpool wouldn’t want their money. They have their lies to live with forever

Their keeper is under 27 but is Polish. Goal tenders are not really players. As they use their hands(Just clearing that up for the ballbags)

This sport has the power to change social inequalities and has shown it can come together to correct injustices. Well done to all #JFT96

What on earth was Giroud up to there? Give it the beans son!

To see football united for their own this weekend shows all the power of unity. Proud to be a footballing man. Class from all involved 👏

Class from Roberto Martinez and Everton today. Proud to be a Scouser and an Evertonian. #JFT96 http://t.co/omzo1EKbMa

If there’s one video you watch today, please make it this one. #QPR‘s @DSActive Tiger Cubs at their very best! https://t.co/GLIBPw9U5Y

.@Squawka note to self, do not let any of the lads take selfies with the play-offs potentially on the cards!

@qprjohny @doggewilson I think you guys are right: Mackie, Blackstock & Sterling last 3 to be sold for a profit (Not 100% havent left out)

Looking forward to tomorrow’s @kickitout Raise Your Game conference at @wembleystadium! #RYG #KIO20

Few more passionate people than Steve Gallen, esp after a win! Look out for his i/view on @QPRPlayer tomorrow #QPR http://t.co/JOrolsdnsZ

Few better speakers at #QPR than Steve Gallen, esp after a win! Look out for his i/view on @QPRPlayer tomorrow #QPR http://t.co/IADdKvCSZc

http://t.co/XUX7U64O7Y approaching 10k subscribers and http://t.co/OnusUuAFiW close to 10k fans. Pleased with 13/14 progress #digisport

Win, lose or draw, Steve Gallen’s passion is incredible. Look out for his latest i’view on @QPRPlayer tomorrow #QPR http://t.co/52rzLOazMs

If Liverpool win the League, Kolo Toure will be the first player to ever win it with three different teams 😄 #legend

Always good to connect with like minded people! http://t.co/ARGchjh0PN #LinkedIn

Hope #QPR fans enjoyed our new-look Under-21s coverage today. The writing, as they say, is on The Wall! http://t.co/Ao9iofSdJ5 #QPRU21

I’ve had a few early #QPR fans get in touch about taking part in next Thursday’s #OnuohaHangout. Tweet me if you are! http://t.co/TO0QQRH59O

8 very simple steps to maintain a healthy diet/Lifestyle #Simple http://t.co/sQkgbed9Xx