2 Ex-#QPR MT @fcbusiness 9 New football legends inducted into the Hall of Fame at the @FootballMuseum http://t.co/AC3Vc6UMPJ #NFMHallOfFame

Need my old hairstyle back.. http://t.co/k9yZVsz1BS

Gracias !!!!!!!Heureux de cette victoire mais il reste encore 90 minutes de combat. http://t.co/E26rkTKKM0

You know. How weird, I was just sitting thinking that… “@BespokeMitch: @Joey7Barton Why do people chat shit about you…. your a legend”

Thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s #LCI. Great interaction across a number of platforms. Watch again now available http://t.co/g1Iqi1QtAi

@dermotmcorrigan Let’s just thank the sweet baby Jesus that he isn’t. An unmitigated disaster from the word go for us.

@OllieBeazley Congrats mate. Could you DM me your email address

@Fact: 56% of men have had sex at work.” Followers, tell me if this is true or false….

@chazaustin9: “@Footy_Jokes: Juan Mata ladies and gentleman! https://t.co/6Ko64ziIC0” oh wow @HoganEphraim” disgusting!

Cracking day at the @SportsRevLtd Golf Day at @BrocketHall. Great company & a solid 37pts! Back on #QPR duty tomorrow http://t.co/stvI9TypBH

Production team @adamhulme86 and @dmscriven setting up for #LCI. Join us from 7pm http://t.co/usclSjepE8

@KrishnaDe yeah, cool little device.

@rowanvine: For 2 years from 04-06 he was the best footballer there has ever been..https://t.co/SADn01yfkz #happyfeet @HoganEphraim” agreed

Everyone follow @AMekki_ back on twitter!!! 👊

#QPR‘s Harry #Redknapp now in top 1/3 in #LMA list of longest-Serving Managers with current club! Up to #32 http://t.co/0NkhaxGHUh

#QPR Loanee from #ManchesterUnited, #WillKeane reportedly might be exiting #MUFC in the Summer… http://t.co/PbHXEHdMI0

@maljacqpr Good to hear. Yes, we always monitor every stream etc, so we always see what fans see for LCI, Presser etc.

@maljacqpr Not sure why, testing went well. O well, still a good one-on-one/access. Hopefully sort it for the next one.

Enjoyed #OnuohaHangout. Will be available to watch again shortly

U18S HIGHLIGHTS: Subscribers can now watch match highlights of our U18s final league game http://t.co/mMjBer1au0 http://t.co/agKoiP0v1f

@OfficialQPR: Nedum is with us and his @google Hangout is underway. Join us live: https://t.co/k5LpFSfArI

@maljacqpr @Joey7Barton That’s the beauty / danger of doing a Google Hangout at Harlington!!

Another step into soulness: #Bolton Changing Stadium Name & Get NEW Sponsor. So is that #QPR‘s Fate http://t.co/MumWJ3JnXl