Park friends’ plea as benches set on fire

AN appeal is being made for help to stop further vandalism at a Swansea park after two benches were destroyed by fires. Firefighters were called to Dunvant Park at 6pm on Sunday after seating near the children’s play was set alight, but it had been destroyed by the time the crew arrived. It was the second such incident, as the only other bench near the play equipment was torched the month before

Flagging up the Scottish vote

THE debate — and possibly the Union — finally comes to an end as voters in Scotland go to the polls tomorrow.The Scottish independence referendum is expected to go to the wire, as residents north of the border decide whether they want to end more than 300 years’ union with England.Supporters of both the Yes and No camp have been vociferously advancing their cases, and for many they have been helped by the work of a vexillologist — or flag-maker — in Swansea.Mr…