So, here we are again…

Given the lack of any burst of sold news in the last day or so, I think we can safely say we're not signing anybody today. So once again, after all the talk, we go into deadline day without having sorted out the midfield. All we have to show for the summer in the area most critically in need of strengthening is the guy we were meant to have signed this time last year, and he's injured

Riots in Ferguson, St Louis

#8230;-black-teen-michael-brown-was-fatally-sh.html FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) – Racial tensions have run high for decades in this former railroad town that was once a mostly white St. Louis suburb until school busing and urban decay sent many families packing for more distant communities….Click to expand..

UEFA plan seeding change for Champions League

#8230;nners-to-benefit-as-uefa-plans-seeding-change UEFA is close to changing the seeding system for the group stages of the Champions League, Sky Sports News’ Chief News Reporter Bryan Swanson can reveal. UEFA has confirmed that, under new proposals, the top eight seeds would comprise of the defending Champions League winners, along with the seven domestic league winners of the top-ranked…Click to expand…

Haxball 5.5 Fixture List

In addition to the league fixtures, there will also be a knockout competition for the prestigious Crichton Memorial Cup. Cup fixtures will be played by the exact same rules, except on Big Easy. Fixtures: Sunday 17th August: 8.00PM – Shamwow vs Team Swagg 0-0 8.30PM – TFD vs Team Mystry 3-2 9.00PM – RATC vs Team Twigg 0-2..

2014/15 Injury watch

If the last few seasons are anything to go by, this could be a busy thread. Anyways, so far we have Carrick out long term, and LVG mentioned that Valencia, Evans and Shaw are injured atm, but didn't elaberate on what the injuries are, or how long they'll be out for. Has there been any more information on these three?

Europa League 2014/15

The 2nd qualifying round just concluded with this: Stjarnan from Iceland defeat Motherwell 5-4 on aggregate (with the above winning goal coming in the 114th minute of the 2nd leg). Some impressive stuff from teams in that region; FH (another Icelandic side) also went through and the Faroese(?) Vikingur beat Tromsø! So quite embarrassing for Motherwell I suppose?