Sunderland 0-2 Arsenal: Stuff Happened, Sort Of

Photo: Getty Images Alternatively, the score in the header could have been Sunderland 2-0 Themselves, which honestly goes much further towards describing what actually happened here. The Gunners were incidental to proceedings, so many Vladimirs and Estragons vainly waiting for Godot while Sunderland went about the task of their now-usual comedic self-implosion.I fully understand that this probably sticks me in the “miserable bastard” section of the fanbase, but this was utterly dreadful to watch. Sure, I’m happy that we got the three points, and I do hope that it gives us some momentum to take maximum value from a kind section of the fixture list upcoming

Manchester United vs Chelsea: Red Devils Battle Blues in FIFA 15

In one of the biggest matchups of the season so far, Manchester United takes on league leaders Chelsea at Old Trafford. In all of my excitement for this match, I got tired of waiting, so I simulated the match in FIFA 15. In preparation, I cranked up the difficulty to Legend, downloaded the latest roster updates and double-checked injuries, set the controller for choosing sides in the dead center, so the computer would simulate the match rather than me having any input, sat back and watched the match.

Three Points And No Mistake!

Three Points And No Mistake!Vitalfootball: Arsenal: 26/10/2014 00:35:00As Arsenal players took the time to commiserate, encourage or offer their support to their former team mate as they left the pitch at the end of the game it appeared to be, and I'm sure was in a frie

How Coutinho and Lambert improved Liverpool against Hull

Liverpool began the game against Hull like they have so often this season, with Balotelli alone up front and the team struggling to make inroads against a solid Hull defense. For the first 60 or so minutes chances were hard to come by for both teams and the fast starts and high score lines of […] The post How Coutinho and Lambert improved Liverpool against Hull appeared first on Liverpool Football Blog.