England v Norway: Wayne Rooney admits England must ‘put on a show’ to regain faith

It is more than 11 years since Wayne Rooney made his England debut at Upton Park as a substitute in an England team that lost 3-1 to Australia, one more unsightly dent to the rusting bodywork of the national team’s reputation. Since then he has seen so many minor catastrophes, fresh dawns, old problems and declarations of new eras that one more will make little difference either way.

‘We knew he was something special:’ Radamel Falcao’s journey from teenage debutant to Manchester United’s star signing

In the Colombian city of Santa Marta on the Caribbean coast, a statue towers by the entrance of the Eduardo Santos stadium. Wild coils of yellow hair, arms flailing and eyes fixed on the ball, the 22-foot bronze work portrays one of the country’s most recognizable faces: that of Carlos “El Pibe” Valderrama, the languid genius and heartbeat of Colombia’s golden team of the 1990s.