Sim Simma, Wenger’s got the key to Ben-zema

By JA Let’s be frank… Arsenal were not gonna spend €20m on a loan for Falcao, no way, never, impossible. However, over the last week Real Madrid have sold Xavi Alonso and let him go relatively cheaply for €5m to a huge European rival. It would be foolish to think that they are not looking […]

Arsene Wenger is the Sam Allardyce of the Champions League

I struggle to think of a greater philosophical disparity between two managers than  Sam Allardyce and Arsene Wenger. The Arsenal boss, an eternal beacon of technically-demanding purist football; the West Ham manager’s attritional style of play famously branded ’19th Century’ by Jose Mourinho last season. Indeed, in this sense, they are polar opposites; Ying and […]

Proof Chelsea can complete a clean sweep this season?

If Cesc Fabregas, the orchestrator from midfield, had given them an impressive start in the Premier League, Chelsea’s Champions League group – drawn on Thursday, and where the sternest test comes from Schalke –  would have given them even more confidence in their drive towards major silverware this season. Recently, it has taken until his […]