An Arsenal fan wears a Gunners shirt with an incredibly bad spelling of Koscielny on it [Picture]

Well this is embarrassing… A picture has been uploaded on the Arsenal Reddit page showing how one Gunners fan seriously can’t spell Laurent Koscielny’s surname. The picture, taken an the Gunners summer tour pre-season match against the New York Red Bulls, showed how the fan spent good money on a shirt that ended up having “Kocsielny” written on it.

Richmond Kickers 0 – Crystal Palace 3 [Official Highlights]

Crystal Palace finished their eight-day American tour with a confident win against the Richmond Kickers. Glenn Murray started the match at centre-half for the Eagles as Tony Pulis put up a patched up side with defensive absentees. But Palace’s strange formation failed to stop the Premier League side controlling the game, and they went ahead […]